My Skills

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My Story

I am graduated in Industrial Design at UNIVALI (2008) and post graduated in Design Management at UFSC (2011). Work for more than nine years in the Brazilian market as an industrial designer and graphic. My Portfolio collect in a history of innovative and appropriate to the marketing context of each company. In the creation of all these solutions, there is participation of a larger team: are commercial managers, engineers, drafters, MKT professionals, consultants and clients collaborate to develop the most appropriate offer. I understand that my field of expertise transcends the creation of products and graphic pieces as isolated elements, becoming part of a system and establishing itself as a management process.

Basically my job is to translate the concept of a company in tangible and intangible attributes, such as product and brand.

To do this use the classic 2B pencil to the most advanced digital editing tools.

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Academic Background

*2001-2008 Universidade do Vale do Itajaí – UNIVALI
Bachelor of Industrial Design

*2010-2011 Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina – UFSC
Specialization in Design Management – Latu Sensu (420 hours)

*2012- (incomplet) Universidade Gama Filho – UGF
Specialization in Sociology – Latu Sensu (360 hours)

Brief Portfolio

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Publications (PT-BR)

STEIL, Viviane ; STEIN, M. Design, postmodernity and the concept of brand mutant: a contemporary vision for the new strategic management of a leading textile industry in Santa Catarina – Tecnoblu case. In: 10 P&D Design Congresso Brasileiro de Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento em Design, 2012, São Luís. Anais do P&D Design 2012, 2012. Full article

FRISONI, Bianka Cappucci ; STEIL, Viviane . How to better organize the contact area with the user? The Technique of Card Sorting to develop the website structure of the Núcleo de Inovação em Design da Cadeia Têxtil. In: 5 USIHC – Congresso Internacional de Ergonomia e Usabilidade, Design de Interfaces e Interação Humano Computador, 2005, Rio de Janeiro. Anais do 5o. USIHC – 2005. Full article

FRISONI, Bianka Cappucci ; STEIL, Viviane . The navigation by means of courses and fotsteps of user’s characteristics and needs. In: 3 Congresso Internacional de Ergonomia e Usabilidade Design de Interface e Interação Humano Computador, 2004, Rio de Janeiro. Anais do P&D Design 2004, 2004. Full article

Personal Interests

Today, areas of study that focus my attention are: emotional design, sociology, consumer, graphic design, branding, design management, design methodology, yoga, astrology and robotic.