My Story

I graduated in Industrial Design from UNIVALI (2008), and did a post-graduate in Design Management from UFSC (2011). I’ve been working for more than twelve years in the Brazilian and Irish market as graphic designer.

My portfolio consists of a collection of innovative and market-driven products that I helped designed while working with companies. As with most design jobs, my role involved participation with a larger team. Typically these teams included commercial managers, engineers, market professionals, consultants and final clients, who collaborated to develop the most suitable product for each market.

My expertise transcends the creation of products and graphic pieces as isolated elements. I am au fait not only with graphic design, but also the design management process in which many people are involved.

The aim of my work is to translate the concept of a company into tangible and intangible attributes, such as product and brand, both finely aligned.

My Skills

Brand and Identity 100%
Art Director 90%
Design Management 90%
Creative Research 80%

Practical Tools

Indesign 100%
Photoshop 100%
Illustrator 100%
Wordpress 70%
CSS 30%


Bachelor in Industrial Design at UNIVALI (2002-2008)

Field of Study: Product and Graphic Design

Specialist in Design Management – Lato Sensu at UFSC (2010-2011)

Field of Study: Design and Administration

Specialist in Sociology – Lato Sensu at Universidade Gama Filho (2012 – Incomplete)

Field of Study: Sociology and Design


Design, postmodernity and the concept of brand mutant: a contemporary vision for the new strategic management of a leading textile industry in Santa Catarina – Tecnoblu case.

Published at P&D Design 2012 – 10th Brazilian Congress of Research and Development in Design.

The building of the brand image is a strategic process, as the company adopts it consciously to the public to identify it and differentiate it from other organizations. So the object of this article is the search for the alignment of Tecnoblu company’s communication, done at the suggestion of a strategic action, broken down into tactical and operational actions. The company is in business for 18 years and is the Brazilian leader in the development of labels,
tags and different accessories for the fashion industry, serves major fashion brands in Brazil and Argentina, and positions of different segments, with a volume of 72 million of parts produced per year. We tried to reference the emergence of the postmodern individual, fragmented in cultural landscapes, emotional design and the own history of the company to support the implementation of the strategic plan, tactical and operational where company, employees, partners and customers participate and interact in the construction of the meaning of the brand.

The navigation by means of courses and footsteps of user’s characteristics and needs.

Published at 3 USIHC – International Congress on Ergonomics and Usability of Human-Computer Interfaces.

This research aims the analysis of different structures, ways of navigation and websites’ contents of national and international schools of Design, in order to create a set of premises, supported by data collected during the bibliographical research and other methods and tools, as to develop a institutional website that will serve as a case study over which it will be applied a resulting step by step that can be used for the development of any website.

How to better organize the contact area with the user? The Technique of Card Sorting to develop the website structure of the Núcleo de Inovação em Design da Cadeia Têxtil.

5 USIHC – International Congress on Ergonomics and Usability of Human-Computer Interfaces

The present work has the aim to stand out the importance of the use of techniques that can evaluate the users perception and customs, regarding the application of its results in the design of site structures for web and to become the site contact area with the users next to their reality. As to do so, it was used the results obtained with the Card Sorting technique applied to the development of the site created for the Núcleo de Inovação em Design da Cadeia Têxtil.